3D Rohr-Software

3D Tube-Software

TeZet Technik AG


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The following modules are included in the software:


  • Master input from xyz and bending-data
  • Manage Tube - Master (master tube) - measured tube (present tube) load and save
  • .IGES special converter — Import
  • .STEP special converter — Import
  • Measure Tube tactil - Tube process, Radius, Offset for tube ends
  • Measure U-bend incl. various processing options
  • Data table - changes in x, y, z coordinates of the intersection points or bending data
  • Measure points on object - check against master IGES, deviations in xyz
  • Bestfit - measured tube to master (target tube)
  • Bestfit extended - measured tube to a coordinate point
  • Form and position tolerances — color scheme
  • Align the pipe in the coordinate system to O
  • Documentation of the tube intersection coordinates in different orientations
  • Tube documentation - 1:1 flat tube
  • Excel-first sample report - sheath tolerance, cylinder-length and total-length


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3D Tube-Software

3D Tube-Software

TeZet Technik AG

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Kantone Aargau

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TeZetCAD offers complete solutions for tube measurements and combines individual measuring procedures with user friendly tube software innovations. TeZetCAD is “state of the art” and provides the quickest and most effective way to take 3D tube data in xyz of tubes, wires, hoses and profiles to edit them in the TeZetCAD software.

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